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The reason I started Dockery Basketball Academy was because when I got to Duke, in my eyes I was unprepared. I wasn’t a student of the game. I told myself that when my playing days were over I would try my best to prepare kids to be ready for the game on and off the court. Now I can give the kids the tools to be ready. I’ve played at all levels, and I believe that God gave me those opportunities so I could not only be a great basketball trainer but be able to pass along the knowledge that I have received from working with some of the top coaches, such as Coach K and Coach Pop to just name a couple. Dockery Basketball Academy is uniquely setup and qualified to work with all levels including youth, high-school, college and the pros. —Sean Dockery


  • First time I worked out with S Doc, I didn’t know what to expect, being we never met before really. I was going in open minded and ready to work. Right away we vibed and got right to work. The workouts pushed me to the limit! We did ball handling to spots to finishes. He asked questions before, throughout and after the workout to see what I wanted to work on, like, dislike or change! Loved how passionate he was about getting better. The best part was that it wasn’t just a workout and goodbye, it was a workout and bonding to get each other better. I recommend S Doc at any level. The real deal!

    Jordon Crawford
    Pro Basketball Player
  • Working with Sean has been great, his work has really helped expand my game professionally! Working on real game scenarios and reactions , and getting in game results! Not only has Sean been a great trainer to me but also a great mentor…being there at all times to help me asses situations on and off the court as a professional.

    Justin Monroe
    Overseas Pro Basketball Player
  • Doc is very passionate about the game of basketball. He teaches game like moves and situations. He is a great trainer to learn from because he played at a very high level.

    Phil Green
    Pro Basketball Player
  • Sean is not only a trainer, he is also my brother. The passion and knowledge Sean has for the game is amazing. The sessions truly help you get better on and off the court. He gets gets ready the same way he gets us ready, that’s being patient and passion. Thank you my brother.

    Q - - Quinn Cook
    NBA Player - Golden State Warriors


At Dockery Basketball Academy we have multiple options for your basketball training and development needs.

We offer multiple options whether you are looking for individual private 1 on 1 training or prefer the setting of a small group . If you are Club or Select basketball organization that is looking to have your entire team ran through our unique training program we can come to you and do that at your practice or you can come to our facilities.

We will be offering multiple camps and clinics throughout the year and are working on those details now.

Please read below for more information on each one of our programs.


Dockery Basketball Academy’s 1 on 1 training starts with our initial player skills evaluation form that is filled in by your trainer. From that player evaluation form a customized program will be developed specifically to target the areas that need improvement. The 1 on 1 training program is a great way to develop individual…

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Dockery Basketball Academy’s small group training sessions include all of the fundamental skills that you would get in our 1 on 1 sessions like shooting, passing, ball handling, and defense but allows for player development due to the raised level of intensity that comes from the competition between players…

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Our Basketball Team Training is a completely customized program created by us after direct communication with the teams coaching and management team to ensure we are building on the concepts you are already working on. Our training allows teammates to bond by going through on-court offensive and defensive…

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