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Doc Talks with Sean Dockery

The COVID-19 Pandemic has been a trying time for the entire world. Normal life is no longer normal life. Sports are shut down due to the stay-at-home orders and gatherings of people not being allowed. This has changed Dockery Basketball Academy as are club teams can’t practice, can’t train, and basketball tournaments have been cancelled. With all this time now available Sean was thinking about what he can do to still put a message out during these times to inspire, motivate and he created ‘Doc Talks’.


‘Doc Talks’ is currently a live Instagram interview (@sdco15) with various people such as athletes but also others from the entertainment industry. There have already been interviews with current Athletes like Quinn Cook with the Los Angeles Lakers but also with former athletes like Nolan Smith (Portland Trailblazers) who is currently a coach with Duke. There are more coming soon like Bryn Forbes with the San Antonio Spurs. Just recently, April 21st, ‘Doc Talks’ had an interview with Ryan Henry from 9Mag Tattoo in Chicago. Next up on April 23rd is rapper, singer and songwriter Montana of 300.


‘Doc Talks’ has been receiving amazing reviews from people asking for more and more interviews. As Sean continues to expand ‘Doc Talks’ all recordings of the interviews are posted to as well as to Dockery Basketball Academy’s Youtube channel. We will be posting a schedule of upcoming interviews as well. We hope everyone enjoys the interviews and is able to take a message away from them or at the very least give you something to take your mind of COVID-19.


Thank you all and enjoy!